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import employees and teams from a CSV file, or manualy
Add your employees and teams
Add managers to the teams
Delegate responsibilities to your employees
Choose some or all of the many granular and flexible permissions
Vacation, home office, shift plan, time clock and more
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Small businesses
We support businesses with up to three employees by providing them ProOffice for free.

Choose the suitable package:

Shift plan Up to 3 employees, Shift plan Home office Up to 3 employees, Home office
Shift work
For restaurants, fitness studios and other business who works in shifts and need shift plans and salary reports.

Choose the suitable package:

Full Shift plan, Reports, AI, Messages Minimal Shift plan, Reports
For modern offices and for their employee management, including our home office module.

Choose the suitable package:

Full Home office, Reports, Messages Minimal Home office, Reports
For business who want to customise their own package. Choose the modules that are most suitable for you.
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Module selection

30 days free trial
30 days free trial
Free Trial
Dashboard (Core)
Quick overview and management possibilities
As an employee the minimal important infos
As a manager, approve emplyees' vacations and home office
As admin, an overview of all activities
Manage your own vacation, shifts or business trips
Calendar (Core)
See and manage all the data in one calendar
Two calendar views: for all employees; or per employee
Filter after specific employees or teams
Employees with admin rights can enter and manage data for other users
Receive notifications for important events
Vacation (Core)
Vacation days are calculated automatically
Vacation is asked for with only two clicks on the calendar
Holidays and weekends are automatically taken into account
Managers approve vacations with one click
Shift plan
Create shifts and manage them
Manage hourly wage, weekly hours and bonus for employees
Virtual time clock
Automatic shift filling
Manage shift plan with an intuitive calendar
AI for the shift module
Enter your revenue every day
AI analyses your data based on revenues and shift and employees combination
Get insights about employees contribution to your business
Monthly, quarterly or yearly
Vacations, home office and sickness days
Business trips expenses
Working time and salary
Home office
Employees can ask to work home office on selected dates
Managers can approve their request
See all home office days on the calendar and in the reports
Your own private messenger; no external providers
Send messages directly to teams, specific employees or office workers
Business trips
Costs for additional expenses for Germany tax system are included for each country
Business trip expenses assistant
Upload expenses and invoices
Export data for Excel