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Ohad Sasson(CEO & Senior developer)

Ohad has a Bachlor\'s degree in economy and cognitive science. He has been developing software for already more than 20 years and he still loves it. After working as a consultant and as a developer for many companies, mostly internet related, he decided in 2014 to found ProFindler and since then serves as its CEO. He values robust, smart and simple solutions and always strives for a high satisfaction and value in every project.

Dmytro Aleksin(Technical consultant)

Dmytro has a Master's degree in computer science. He has been developing, building and implementing software solutions for already more than 10 years. He is a highly motivated, skilled solution architect and technical consultant who came to Berlin from Ukraine a few years ago. Working hard and relentlessy he does not stop until the problem is well defined and solved and has not yet failed; AKA "the terminator". Dmytro is specialized in both backend and frontend solutions.

Tanja Ellmann(QA & Data analyst)

Tanja has a Master's degree in urban ecosystem science. She has been working as a data analyst for more than 10 years in medical research. Tanja is responsible for our data analysis as well as for proofing the plausibility of our concepts and our mistakes as a senior QA engineer. She is the fear of every software developer.

Nicola O'Reilly(Management)

Nicola has a Master's degree in French and Librarianship. She has worked as a manager for more than 5 years and is a very organized person who keeps our office under control. In addition to managing our office, she is responsible for the content of our website as well as for our customer relationships and support.