Self-employed the digital way

You want to reach more clients? Reduce office costs? Free yourself some quality time?

ProFindler: simple and personal!

Accepting a job offer with one click


We are constantly striving to improve our app and make it as simple as possible.

  • One click - Everything is done with one click. Accepting a job offer, setting its price, sending an invoice and so on.
  • Any device - From smartphones to desktops. All you need is an up-to-date browser.
  • International - You can offer your service in different languages like English, German or French.
  • Profile - You create a profile in less than one minute.
Homepage with open job offers and communication with clients


ProFindler always uses the best technology.

  • Notifications - You get push notifications for updates regarding your open jobs and job offers.
  • Reminders - You get reminders when a job is about to begin.
  • GPS - You can allow your clients to follow your distance to them. This may improve your service score.
  • Instant - You see instantly who read your messages and responded to them.


With ProFindler you can offer your service in an immense variaty of expertises. From common expertises such as an electrician or a plumber to more new ones like a dog walker or a programmer. Add to it all an up-until-now non-existing queue watcher or a bicycle patcher and the classic service of lending your drill, ladder etc., and you end up with a round offer of everything you can think of.

  • Any profession - If your profession is missing, write us and we\'ll add it.
  • We hear you - We are open for suggestions and improvements.
  • Smart - We use algorithms that increase your chances of getting a job offer.
  • Global - If you move to a different location, there is no need to advertise yourself and start everything all over. You just change your address and you instantly appear in the search results for your new location.
Writing an invoice

An office in the palm of your hand

  • Secretary - Job offers pop up on your smartphone screen for you to choose from.
  • Calendar - You only get job offers that suit your schedule.
  • Reminder - You are reminded of upcoming jobs. You can see the address directly in Google Maps.
  • Invoice - After you finished a job, you can directly send your invoice to your client. All the necessary details are automatically filled out for you. Bye bye paper chaos.

ProFindler is like a small office in the palm of your hand. It enables you to concentrate only on your job without all the overhead around it. All you need to do is choose which jobs to take. All the rest is automatically taken care of for you.

ProFindler - it\'s time to grow up >>>