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The walls need painting? Your drainage is stuck? You are moving out?

ProFindler: fast, simple, private and safe!

Job creation


Many of us do not have the desire nor the time to search for professionals on the phone, explain again and again the problem and coordinating an appointment.

  • Appointment - You set the time best suitable for you.
  • Photos - If needed, you upload photos. A picture is a thousand words worth.
  • Description - You describe the job to be done.
  • Submit - In less than five minutes your job is available to all professionals.


ProFindler is sort of a combination between a social network and a searching engine.

  • One click - Everything is done with one click. Searching, creating, watching a profile, accepting a price offer and so on.
  • Any device - From smartphones to desktops. All you need is an up-to-date browser.
  • International - You can search in different languages like English, German or French.
  • Flexible - You can sort according to rating, price, who is online and much more.
Homepage with a job offer and responses from professionals


ProFindler always uses the best technology.

  • Notifications - You get push notifications for updates regarding jobs you posted.
  • Reminders - You get reminders when a job is about to begin.
  • GPS - You can follow the distance of a professional to you 15 minutes before the beginning of a job.
  • Instant - You see instantly who read your messages and responded to them.


We really do care about your privacy!

  • Minimal - We ask for as minimum details as possible.
  • Your control - You choose which details to show and which not.
  • Your data - We do not disclose any data to any third parties.
  • We hear you - We will always answer your questions and listen to your suggestions. We give you the best support we can.


In an utopic world everything would be perfect. But in our world, sometimes professionals do try to trick their clients or just do a bad job. Our Safe Payment Service protects you from such cases and guarantee the quality and proper execution of the job. Needless to say, such professionals will be immediately banned and removed from our system.

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